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  • Gaurang Amin
    Gaurang Amin

    Web Manager, Home Electronics Store

    Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd delivered a well-designed, user-friendly e-commerce site, and the client was pleased with the outcome. The client attracted new business and long-term customers, signifying the project’s success. Moreover, the vendor facilitated an efficient and agile workflow.

  • Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd’s redesign greatly contributed to the client’s brand growth over the last 18 months. The client was very impressed by their personal involvement and commitment. Bliss Web’s team was driven, efficient, and communicative via email and Zoom.

    Terresa Zimmerman
    Terresa Zimmerman

    Founder, Wood Underwear

  • Drew Steimel
    Drew Steimel


    Thanks to Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd’s excellent support, the client’s site quickly loads and looks great. The team could be contacted anytime for any issues. They also ensured that they know the project’s scope in order to deliver exceptionally.

  • Thanks to Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd’s efforts, the client received positive feedback for the website. The client was delighted with the results. In addition, the team delivered the project promptly and communicated seamlessly.

    Ilana khoshsima
    Ilana khoshsima

    Owner, ShirtsAndSweatshirts

  • Sudarshan Ramrajan
    Sudarshan Ramrajan

    Marketing & Content Manager, IAA

    The client’s web traffic increases, their KPIs showed significant growth, and member’s applications have gone up by 400% thanks to Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd’s development services. The team provided agile communication and they are always available on any of their digital channels.

  • After the launch, the company has seen the site’s improvement with a significant increase in traffic. The team has made every product page easy to navigate, which results in increased sales. Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd has always been patient and responsive that ensures a long-standing relationship.

    Ida DiPace
    Ida DiPace

    Marketing Manager

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson

    President, Paper & Imaging Products Retailer

    Thanks to the team’s quality of work and dedication, their partnership with the retailer has been ongoing for years. Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. effectively uses management tools like Asana to ensure a solid workflow and great output for the client.

  • Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd finished the 20-stage project with in expectations. The client mentioned that they have gained dedicated Magento certified developers to upgrade their site. They pay attention to detail and ensure that their processes are effective for their e-commerce store.

    Reuven Dorot
    Reuven Dorot

    CEO, Jerusalen Biblical Market LTD


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