Free and Open Source Software Alternatives for Business : Part 1

“Value your freedom or you will lose it, teaches history. ‘Don’t bother us with politics’, respond those who don’t want to learn.”

-Richard M. Stallman

“58 percent think open source scales better and 43 percent said OSS provides superior ease of deployment over proprietary software.”

Yes. Worldwide many authentic surveys are constantly running to measure performance of Free VS. Proprietary softwares.

Open Source Foundation and FSF are two concrete examples if you are asking sanity check of these surveys.

And numbers don’t lie.

If you have NOT heard the name Richard Stallman as Free Software Leader, you aren’t probably web development veteran.

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd., we are trained professionals to use a number of open source packages and programs such as

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Scribus
  • Apache Open Office
  • GIMP
  • Notepad++

and many others that save us 1000s of dollars every year.

And we equally want your business to deduct operating costs by consuming code lines NOT owned by any private company.

This is easily possible, or at least possible with few technical insights,  because ‘EASY’ word may not suite properly for using open source tools by non software staff.

“93 percent said their organization’s use of open source increased or remained the same in the past year.”

Software world is constantly changing, it isn’t stagnant.

We will take a fast tour of open source softwares( most being 100% free )  that can be consumed by small and medium size businesses as well as enterprises for mission critical applications.

“​78 percent of companies run open-source software.”

Although TYPES of SOFTWARE APPLICATIONs required by a business niche from different industries completely vary, there are many application suites, like productivity softwares  needed by all.

And we are going to reveal the best match that can serve all kinds of functionalities for specific purpose from these commonly used softwares.

  1. Open Office or Libre Office

Both are full-featured office productivity suite for creating documents,

databases, slides, spreadsheets, etc.

Even if you aren’t computer geek,  you probably know both these packages.

  1. PDF reDirect

It is a robust PDF creation tool with upgrade options.

  1. Zim

It is an open source note-taking application written in Python and GTK+ libaries.

Additional plug-ins are available on core product, like spell checker, equation editor etc.

  1. Point of Sale solution : Imonggo

It is a cloud based free software.

Imonggo runs on all major browsers including

  • Google chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

It offers an online point-of-sale solution for small shops, kiosks, and boutiques.

Note that for this program, free version will suffice features for retailers only, for shops bigger than this size, more functionalities will have to be unlocked by paying to get upgraded version.

  1. Bitrix24 – Customer Relationship Management Solution ( CRM )

It is free for up to twelve users, while this has been popular for past few years, many other alternative CRM solutions now are adopted by businesses.

Two of such comprehensive ERP, CRM and Accounting suites are

  • Adempiere
  • Apache OfBiz

Both these are truly community driven projects.

Therefore you are assured that you will NOT pay anything for availability of any feature.

  1. 7z – Compression solution

Originated in 1999, it took a long time for this product to become as much matured as WinZip.

It is now a full-fledged compression program with modular architecture.

It possesses functionalities such as

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Unicode file names support
  • Multi part archives


  1. Scribus

With GNU GPL licence, it is a powerful, professional-level  desktop publishing program for creating anything like

  • business cards
  • magazines
  • animated and interactive PDF
  • Newsletters
  • Posters

And much more.

  1. Blender

Perhaps the most powerful software on the planet for graphics generation, at least as of 2016.

It is a complex open source program for creating stunning

  • 3D animations
  • 3D modelling
  • Camera tracking
  • Fluid and smoke simulation
  • Video editing

and many more that is possible from a real world software.

“Once GNU is written, everyone will be able to obtain good system software free, just like air.”

-Richard M. Stallman

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