Why elect WordPress for building website

“More than 19,000 Word Press plugins are available – 19,000!”

WordPress Plugins have been downloaded an estimated 285,000,000 times – million!”

“Nearly 20,000 people make money using Word Press every day. Haven’t opened up your WordPress account yet? What are you waiting for?”

“Word Press beats Joomla and Drupal when it comes to usage.”

And so many authentic signatures going on and on…

There are hundreds of articles, on the world wide web for this title.

We don’t say they aren’t of quality. They are. All high quality.

Yet, this is from our company, in our words, our endorsement to WordPress.

So, let’s jump to interesting stuff.

You’ll already be knowing WordPress is

  • Open source
  • Free
  • Best CMS ever
  • #1 blogging platform

and many other things.

WordPress possess exceptional features including but NOT limited to

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • 100% customizable in its genre
  • Scalable
  • SEO friendly
  • Extremely easy to manage


We know, these aren’t any news as of this writing.

Even non software engineers and veterans of other industries have heard stories of WordPress success.

On the Internet, it gets clicked what is catchy, with non-traditional look as opposed to formal text.

Are you asking numbers, facts, figures and statistics for why we are recommending WordPress ?

Keep reading more exciting facts about WP.

“ Word Press currently runs more than 66 million websites. Some of those sites include CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and many other popular sites that you probably use or see every single day!”

30,000,000+ searches are on the term WordPress each month on Google search engine.

 1/6th  of all websites are built using WP.

“Word Press is the preferred source for bloggers and freelancers. In fact, the going rate of a WordPress designer project is around $60 per hour – got WordPress design skills?”

WordPress was incepted in 2003, since it has evolved in tons of aspects.

When we are writing this blog, RESTful endpoints are deployed and well integrated with WordPress (WP)version 4.7.

First copy of WP was written by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

You can use WP in two ways:

  1. Create your site and account on self-hosted WordPress site
  2. Develop your site by using WordPress, this is more recommended for flexibility related rewards.

WordPress is currently owned by the company, namely, it has staff of approximately 300 employees working from home. So small company, so big product, believe it.

48% of total websites are WordPress websites.

60% of total websites are NOT using any CMS. From remaining websites using any kind of CMS, WordPress reserves stake of 48% websites.

While Laravel based OctoberCMS is booming in parallel these days, WordPress should NOT be under estimated due to highly dependable on plug-ins and patching. This is way how olden days softwares  adopt modernization and survive the taste of time.

If you install only recognized extensions, there is no question of losing integrity of WordPress or of any CMS in fact.

Those who deride WordPress for shortage of functionalities in core product probably are NOT well acquainted with PHP and WP methods and coding.

WooCommerce is making WordPress  mature eCommerce platform day by day, along with being best in class CMS.

“ WordPress is the magic wand used by 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs”

WordPress is localized in 40 language translations.

“23 out of every one hundred new domains registered in the U.S. are for installing a new WordPress website.”

Popular brands using WordPress:

  • MC Donald’s (Singapore)
  • Public Storage Canada
  • Bata
  • Vogue
  • Georgia State University
  • The New Yorker (Magazine)
  • Yahoo
  • Ebay
  • Sony Music
  • Samsung
  • People Magazine
  • New York Times
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • cPanel
  • Coca-Cola France

..and countless entities.

Top WordPress plugins worth looking for SEO or digital marketing campaigns are

  • JetPack
  • Google Analyticator
  • kStats Reloaded
  • WassUp Real Time Analytics
  • Analytics 360

and many others.

“WordPress blogs receive 46.6 million comments per month.”

“Only around 40% of WordPress sites are up to date.”

CMS is a tool designated to ease the life of non-technical users and WordPress does this job in exaggerated capacity.

In a nutshell, people and companies from all walks of life have deployed live WordPress servers, and we wish you as well, for successful  WordPress journey.

Thanks to WordPress!

Thank you for visiting our blog.

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