Useful Modules of Drupal Commerce

Modern people or newer generation of technology oriented individuals may rejoice upon devices like smart vehicle or automated camera that adjusts its settings with a plethora of factors without human intervention required, but those who have operated old types of scooters or like aged devices will be able to showcase you the level of control you are allotted while using them. So is true with Drupal in comparison with other CMS and eCommerce programs but it is NOT a software of  obsolete architecture or time. It has its distinct qualifications and I bet that if you will know them, would be convinced to employ it instead even world class WordPress CMS.

Drupal Commerce key  modules

In this discussion, we are going to know Drupal eCommerce packages that improve varied utilities of website, including

  • Module that allows multiple shipments per delivery
  • Module to accept payment by cheque
  • Module for automatically assigning an SKU to your products
  • Module for setting a maximum and minimum order amount in Drupal website
  • Module to display progress steps for checkout

As we know, Drupal CMS and Commerce is a flexible system, and we can customize it to behave as we want.

Being transparent in working model, Drupal liberally allows adding modules to extend features as and when you require them.

So let us see how to execute above tasks one by one.

Allow multiple shipments per delivery

Sometimes, it becomes essential to consider multiple deliveries per order. It happens in case when customer buys a bunch of different products out of which, few are not in the stock at current moment.

And hence, they have to be sent in the subsequent dispatches.

Installing the Commerce Delivery module allows your Drupal  store to accept multiple shipments for a single order.

Download the required – Commerce Delivery module  at

  • Copy the module file’s URL to clipboard.
  • Login to Drupal admin panel
  • Navigate to Site settings àModules à click on install new module
  • Paste the URL, internet connection is required.
  • You will get success screen in few minutes, you’re done with set up, after ACTIVATING module, products, services and offerings specific to your business category can be organized so that they are accommodated in single order even if remittance is in multiple turns.

Module to accept payment by cheque

There is horde of people who still want to pay with check even if systems such as PayPal,, and other payment gateways that offer simple user interfaces are available.,

Nevertheless, you don’t want to miss a segment of purchasers who are already a filtered part of so many visitors who just come to website for closing the tab only.

Typically, orders taken by cheque are only dispatched once the cheque is cleared in the store’s bank account.

Yet, few customers will further continue shopping only if you accept online cheques in addition to debit and credit cards.

As we are revealed, standard process is to download and avail necessary Drupal module as first step to add any functionality. Then it is only a matter of few clicks in 70% cases.

Do so by collecting the Commerce Cheque module from at

and install the module.

And astonishingly, you are done.

Don’t believe it ?

Complete one checkout process yourself.

Unless you want to decorate label or text behind cheque option in order processing, no configurations are required.

Module for automatically assigning an SKU to your products

If you are frequently shopping on internet through different stores, you would have noticed that every product on the web requires Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)  to help vendor and customer keep track of it and also, to reference specific product unit in programming.

Within Drupal Commerce or in fact on any eCommerce platform, this could get tedious if you have to keep adding large amounts of products, that is where the AutoSKU module for Drupal Commerce comes in spare.

Go to Drupal first source site and download the Commerce AutoSKU module from at and install the files on your Drupal store – from admin screens as we saw previously.

Now, browse to Productsà Variation Types à select EDIT

Check the checkbox next to ‘Automatically generate SKU’

You can optimize patterns and combinations for how SKUs are generated.

We will last two recipes in next article.

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