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MySQL database performance improvement tips : Part 3

We will continue our discussion from where we had left in part 2. If you haven’t looked into previous article,  you can navigate to and go through second and third tips served in that discussion at this  MySQL DB performance blog part 2 query parameters If you want to read entire discussion from beginning,  you can navigate to that text at this MySQL DB performance…


Prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked

WordPress has emerged as premier choice of entrepreneurs for crafting comprehensive business websites. If you’re a numbers geek or want estimation based on statistics, every day on an average 500+ more WordPress websites are added on Web 2.0 platform as on 27th March 2017. While WordPress is known for offering thousands of customizable templates, themes and plug-ins, it has also become hot destination for hackers along,…


Suggestions for database backups before migrating host

You might think that once the database-driven web site is created, you’ve completed the essential and all you need to do is further designing and development for leads purpose. Factor that stimulates transportation of website server Yes, above is right thinking and approach to craft more webpages for more visibility on internet.  During course of time, suppose new web hosting package is discovered that offers…


Debugging and Profiling Aspects for PHP website

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“ Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen. ” “Reworking defects in requirements, design, and code consumes 40-50% of the total cost of software development.” “60% of all defects usually exist at design time.” Software Testing IS costlier than we suppose RTI study revealed that software bugs cost U.S. economy $59.6 billion every year. Extended labour was deployed…


Why elect WordPress for building website

“More than 19,000 Word Press plugins are available – 19,000!” “WordPress Plugins have been downloaded an estimated 285,000,000 times – million!” “Nearly 20,000 people make money using Word Press every day. Haven’t opened up your WordPress account yet? What are you waiting for?” “Word Press beats Joomla and Drupal when it comes to usage.” And so many authentic signatures going on and on… There are…





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