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Succeed on Internet with PHP-MySQL Blend

In order to meet with the high preset standards of competition, a website should be well developed, and multiple web parts play their role, including design graphics layouts and functionalities of all webpages at par. User can land on any page via search engine, by referral website or directly from browser bar by typing URL. Face the competition and retaliate your local and global analogous…


Debugging and Profiling Aspects for PHP website

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“ Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen. ” “Reworking defects in requirements, design, and code consumes 40-50% of the total cost of software development.” “60% of all defects usually exist at design time.” Software Testing IS costlier than we suppose RTI study revealed that software bugs cost U.S. economy $59.6 billion every year. Extended labour was deployed…


Advantages of CakePHP Web Development

Are you craving to achieve new level of success ? Are you contemplating that you want to fabricate better, more dynamic and more interactive mobile friendly large scale web applications ? Hanker no further. Lay your foundation on world class, extension rich PHP framework, CakePHP.  Being an open source 100% free structure, it helps you to achieve efficiency and mileage in a comprehensive manner. PHP…


MySQL database performance improvement tips : Part 2

We will continue our discussion from where we had left in part 1. If you haven’t looked into previous article,  you can navigate to and go through first two tips served in that discussion at this URL: /mysql-database-performance-improvement-tips-part-1/ query parameters Presented below is more discovery on remaining  optimization techniques to take your website or mobile application data management to the next level. Use Percona server instead…