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Saga of PSD to XHTML Conversions

PSD is an abbreviation for Photoshop Design. Digital files with .PSD extensions  are actually visage files prepared by web designers which contain various pictures. Although they are creatively completed eye-catching copies, they cannot be directly consumed by web clients. Browsers estimate every object to be comprised of HTML or XHTML under the hoods. Therefore, web developer has to carry out this conversion of PSD to…


Useful Modules of Drupal Commerce

Modern people or newer generation of technology oriented individuals may rejoice upon devices like smart vehicle or automated camera that adjusts its settings with a plethora of factors without human intervention required, but those who have operated old types of scooters or like aged devices will be able to showcase you the level of control you are allotted while using them. So is true with…


How to select Android App Development Company in India

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In a world where Mobile App developers are mushrooming in tens of thousands every day and everywhere, choosing the right Company to partner with, especially in the Indian context can be a tricky proposition. So if you have decided to go ahead, here are a few tips that could come handy. Obviously, a decision on how to find the “right partner” is akin to the…


specialists caution of more inconvenience today – Ransomware attack 2017

The nation’s cyber security office Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has issued a red-hued ‘basic alarm’ regarding the WannaCry attack, and cautioned clients to not pay the payment. The ransomware worm that ceased auto processing plants, healing centers, shops and schools throughout the end of the week around the world, with Asia having gotten away from the most noticeably awful up until now,…





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