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Delights of easy mobile web development

Just because people are able to see your website on their mobile devices, it doesn’t mean that your business site is smartphone friendly. Mobile web design has grown to adopt the newest trends online. Mobile sites have to fit with different screen sizes of various brands to take into account the needs of diversified userbase. Web design has generally remained tough to execute because it…


Replace third party tools with HTML5 Media APIs on your website

The original HTML specification consisted of textual content for the most part and did not even include the <img> element. It has come a long way since then. With a myriad of enhancements now, HTML5 provides for creating scalable, vector-based graphics with SVG and excellent drawing space with <canvas>. In addition to supporting images and graphics, latest (minor)versions of HTML5 supports <video> and <audio> tags…


Scroll-linked effects to add sprinkle in webpages

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Technologies used for generating scroll-linked effects HTML5 and CSS3 are undoubtedly way for the future, alike back end components, where there are multiple options or alternatives available and competing for each other,  like that for back end programming language database server web server mail server or be it choice of operating system itself but truly there is NO technology that can be substituted in place…





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