Succeed on Internet with PHP-MySQL Blend

In order to meet with the high preset standards of competition, a website should be well developed, and multiple web parts play their role, including

  • design
  • graphics
  • layouts and
  • functionalities

of all webpages at par.

User can land on any page via search engine, by referral website or directly from browser bar by typing URL.

Face the competition and retaliate your local and global analogous competition with a power packed website. Keep maximum number of webpages dynamic, possibly with all different designs.

What can set you apart is number and extent of functionalities you give to buyer, like

  • shopping cart stretchability
  • secure payment, bunch of paying options
  • tracking path of traversing luggage
  • easy feedback and interaction
  • zoom in and out of product images

and much more.

With more than 60% websites hosted on so many platforms, PHP and MySQL together delivers best shopping and personalized user experiences on web 2.0.

Let us see more blending features of these two technologies that will outweigh making cost of web portal.

Target Audience

More specifically, those who want website or mobile web application, as PHP-MySQL derived components render good, reactive outcome that fits all devices and screen sizes.

Rewards in using combination of PHP-MySQL


We will look at major ones that come in handy to decorate and add value to web shop.

Noteworthy features of PHP MySQL combined development are:


  1. Coherent with all operating systems
  2. Runs smoothly on a variety of web servers including Apache, IIS
  3. Create multi-lingual eCommerce portals to earn from local markets
  4. Although not 100%, most PHP-MySQL websites display consistent data and visuals on ALL MAJOR browsers
  5. You can maintain backend and data layer separately


What is readymade available for you if you select MySQL for PHP website

  • Even if an individual has basic HTML knowledge, can compose interactive and data-driven website for the domain he/she is working.  Many free themes are available on internet and they consume these two technologies under the hood.

Tackling with dynamic web programming languages like JavaScript, jQuery etc. can be skipped for a part.

  • MySQLi  is a special interface designed to transfuse talk between PHP and MySQL, it releases programmer from building up from ground level
  • Robust management of cookies and sessions is possible, tech forums like stack overflow and stack exchange forums already have many answers in form of PHP to MySQL code for common tasks
  • Setting up development server that harmonizes PHP-MySQL options is a task of only few minutes as soon you download and install LAMP on Linux or XAMPP on Windows
  • From MySQL side, required and new functions are upgraded from time to time, also, can be seamlessly handled via phpMyAdmin or MySQL workbench tools.


If you delve to know licences or tools cost for premium databases, you will come to know that even database administration tools are NOT free.


Like Toad for Oracle and SQL Server studio for SQL server

  • Drivers for MySQL from PHP are free from mistakes, hence website remains high-performance, takes less loading time
  • PHP and MySQL codes mesh up well with JavaScript and its libraries
  • You can control MySQL and PHP handles from operating system shell scripts also
  • To frame website of specific industry and sector, multiple PHP frameworks are written and all use MySQL by default

Examples – CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend etc.

  • No other programming and database combination is so customized and liberal for eCommerce like that of PHP-MySQL

For this combination, recognized platforms are Magento, VirtueMart, WooCommerce etc.

  • If not 100% , tons of configurations related to PHP-MySQL can be managed remotely. Paid softwares generally allow this facility in a verbose manner.



When you are searching to get a

  • reasonable
  • quality skill-set possessing

PHP MySQL web development team

it is best to ask them references and their existing work i.e. URLs, websites they made.

Bottom-line is that the company supplying has to be reliable, rushing away simply to obtain lowest price vendor may even waste the opportunity to sale on pick time.

Or PHP-MySQL technologies can not blamed for shortcomings of resources’ talent.


To establish unique blog or web presence, you can deploy  decent web development cum hosting services package that has professionals with good experience in PHP and MySQL.

There are many teams available online, it is feasible to outsource to different country, don’t scare.

In today’s interactive, global, united world  of business, outsourcing is a norm.

Just take care to elect right, trustable developers of PHP-MySQL both, and you will start selling and making ample amount of profits that wasn’t possible by local area or door to door marketing.


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