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Aiming to commence a perfect Search Engine Optimization project? Or looking to hire SEO expert or an entire digital marketing team for maximum customer reach ? You must agree that use of right SEO metrics is a key to succeed in digital realm of life. You need to measure the performance on daily basis to understand which flank should be improved and which is outperforming. And this is compulsory task for all business persons regardless of industry and sector. These are technically called KPIs, i.e. key performance indicators.

Single out key values from pool of data

You need to filter out important metrics from so many, at least when the site is new or when it does NOT incur high amount of traffic. Once this is done, a different set SEO metrics come into focus provided basic parameters and metrics don’t fluctuate. Given below is the overview of purchase funnel.

Head words are extremely insisted to avoid traffic starvation. When a big portion of visitors navigates a single page or multiple pages but without going downwards in purchase funnel, you apt long tail and strong closer keywords to increase relevancy. You should also investigate pathing and proper navigation structure to ascertain where exactly visitor discards.

Most commonly referred metrics are those – describing values for inbound search traffic, key behavioural data points, page ranks and number of backlinks. External backlinks ratio should not become inflated from single domain, rather links from content of different web addresses to diversified webpages of your site is appreciated. Ranking is the most tough metric to look at as achieving 1st or 2nd position in the first page of Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu or other search engine is difficult even if we know it and understand its importance from business survival viewpoint. Yet, limited tricks are in existence to support SERP ( search engine results pages) ranking and they work provided we endeavour consistently. Unlike previous time, Google does NOT explores rank for a time now but you can always observe yourself by typing keywords.

Whether it is SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-Mail or internal site search initiative, you carefully have to note down following parameters:

  1. Start and end date of campaign
  2. Campaign name
  3. Business segment in focus
  4. Campaign type (paid search, email, etc.)
  5. Anything else that makes it easy for you to identify and read regarding the who, what, and why from this campaign later on.

And for this purpose, two tools are generally maintained:

  1. Clickstream package like Google Analytics where you add information in actual campaigns in the options given. Few examples are those you enter for Ad Groups, keywords file that is fed into program etc.
  2. Microsoft Word or other text editor, where you write information which is helpful to you and team members to interpret results received at later stages in SEO cycle. This stuff cannot be directly sensate by any device of the world. Take for example, suppose demonetization occurred all of a sudden in a country, and it will impact multitude of industries and business units in various ways. Therefore,  a digital marketer has to predict upcoming effects.

Beware :  use segments instead filters in GA

They both operate differently from fundamental point of view. By implementing filter on main or the only one available profile of GA, you carry out risks to avoid collecting data permanently from Google servers. Segment presents you with the data you want to see rather stopping its root storage in the database. You may remove filters later but past pageviews will be unavailable.

Time of Visit – Is this customer really a prospect ?

It indicates Average Time Spent on Site.

This metric  possesses distinctive importance for content-driven websites. Every time sales conversion or lead generation may not be the best suitable metric to use. This kind of sites rely on Adsense income sometimes.

Average Time Spent on Site is an ideal metric to check effectiveness of site as the longer web surfers stay on a site, the more successful the web design and its content are.

Inbound Link  Strategy

With Majestic backlinks tool, you can thoroughly view all the backlinks of immediate next or previous competitor site and earn inbound traffic from similar sources. If you go your way exclusively, it would take too much time to point out why they rank instead equally hard labour from your end. It can be concluded that it is a gamut of gathering essential information as opposed to intense intellectual avocation and same is true for email marketing campaigns. If you get rank two months earlier, income is proportionally higher, as simple as that. Thus premium software proves as investment and not wastage of money merely.

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