Saga of PSD to XHTML Conversions

PSD is an abbreviation for Photoshop Design. Digital files with .PSD extensions  are actually visage files prepared by web designers which contain various pictures. Although they are creatively completed eye-catching copies, they cannot be directly consumed by web clients. Browsers estimate every object to be comprised of HTML or XHTML under the hoods. Therefore, web developer has to carry out this conversion of PSD to XHTML with appropriate marking of tags. Coding procedure is executed carefully and underlying object is tested frequently for robust XHTML implementation on website.

Why PSD files in first place and not direct approach to XHTML ?

In order to give buyers or site owners an idea and undertake continuous mock ups to generate desired images or turn thoughts into imagery, PSD objects come in handy. They are invariably lightweight, extremely easy to use tools than other kinds of softwares. Since XHTML would anticipate complex coding from scratch, Photoshop is used for the purposes of wireframing of pictures.

Adobe Photoshop is an elite tool and provides you with tons of options like adding and removing of buttons, text, images etc. in plethora of ways.  Webmasters can change the entire background with it or may change few chunks of colours and their shades without much exercise on images to make it seamless with website theme.

Online Converters and Quality goals

In the market, there comes all sorts of professional services from individual or companies who convert PSD to XHTML and deliver fascinating quality in the outcome.  XHTML is highly flexible in nature and allows web developer to convert images in a range of formats like .png, .jpeg, .bmp etc. Each format has its distinct characteristics in terms of pixel oriented visibility and size it requires for storage.

If you know HTML programming, DIY approach  works as many PSD to XHTML converters are available online. By leveraging them, task is completed within hours. Few vendors claim error free code and attach W3C sign with it. It is considered important aspect from search engine optimization(SEO) viewpoint since concept of semantic web is becoming popular.  Proficient programmers adhere with set of rules established by either HTML or XHTML while performing conversions. Regardless of any automatic softwares you employ, reviewing and assessment of output by a skilled professional is appreciated as it remains tricky sometimes and chances of defects exist.

Surrounded by tough competition from peers, programmers offer this type of services at an affordable rate and furnish required within stipulated time now-a-days. Outsourcing work is practical approach  if you cannot find adept designer in local area.  This would not save you only time, but via deals on B2B or B2C marketplace sites, you get improved quality as per the service level agreements(SLA).

Conversion process in brief

If you posses a PSD file then process starts with slicing of  PSD to HTML. The slicing occurs in a stepwise manner where the Photoshop design file is cut into pieces. In fact web designers were highly involved in slicing before a time, but now the scenario is significantly changing. It is executed with help from efficient tools. It is vital to generate these chunks via neat and responsive HTML coding.  Elegant utilization of HTML5 and CSS3 is necessary. Once these code lines are shifted on live site, check it on different screen sizes and resolutions.

With online business widely being adopted by merchants all over the world,  it is necessary for website owners to build strategies to stay ahead in the game. PSD to XHTML is one of essential techniques that offers unprecedented user experience. While PSD to XHTML conversion can be a little expensive, pixel perfect designs adds to website credibility.

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