Rewards in Using CodeIgniter for Web Development

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There is an adequate number of open source frameworks available to design and develop web pages for free,  but only a few of them allow copious versatility. To underpin hassle-free web development, CodeIgniter and its components lift tons of features to relieve programmers.  It is a set of built-in functionalities of CodeIgniter that many web development groups roll out fast and cost-effective multi-disciplinary solutions.

No urge of development from group up

It would take 10 times more efforts and extensive hours to deploy websites if they had to be elevated from scratch.  What sets apart CodeIgniter is a rich echelon of tools that delivers comprehensive range of code events and functionalities. They format ongoing journey of development unpretentious to craft high level and impeccable software system which is full of pebbles otherwise.

Save time and money

With this zero configurations solicit framework in place, PHP developers leverage a wide array of ready-made utility programs without paying a single penny from pocket. All in no time, effortlessly.  In today’s fast pace environments, chances are high of profane codebase that makes system behave abnormally under specific circumstances or inputs, but with already tested fragments of code from upgraded versions of this framework, website owners have to left no risks and simply thrive for further enhancements. CodeIgniter Developers exorbitantly possess well appointed methods, packages and routines that execute desired in day-to-day workings.

Why should we apt CodeIgniter to generate modern mobile web applications?

With introduction of many latest libraries constructed on top of MVC architecture under the hoods, many defy applicability and usefulness of CodeIgniter in the current decade. While Codeigniter is built upon rudimentary level PHP MVC framework , it has its fair share of deliverables that more mature and conservative frameworks endow with excessive complexity. CodeIgniter had its pick time, for now, it isn’t dead, it has its room and does the job with good merits in situations of scanty timings.

Cozy conformation for internet marketing

Platform has to be reliable for predominant online presence. What is the use of a good look and feel website if it can not be reached by customers. CodeIgniter is downstage to adhere with search engine requirements. It allows easy settings to define clean, keyword accommodating URLs. A simple yet robust interfaces are provided to adjust possible SEO fiddles.

Problems that CodeIgniter addresses with dense settlements   

There are a variety of questions that we have to ask prior to electing any framework for making website.

  • What is the purpose of your application ?

CodeIgniter is multilateral to establish web system for many industries.

Your requirement might be to start an

  • eCommerce business
  • a messaging platform like twitter OR
  • an article directory.

Determine the purpose of your own application in accordance with requirements, size and sector of business.  This ought to be taken by business owner so as not to deviate in the final outcome. Mistake in defining process flow isn’t deficiency of software or web framework itself. Business analysts and designers can sit together to enounce process steps in elaborate manner. Then only execution or starting of builds can take place.

Also, not every framework comes in handy to derive kind of application that can automate certain set of activities. For example, Moodle outperforms as educational CMS while Bootstrap can be best designated for CSS layout. CodeIgniter intermingles good with branded databases and multiple servers that enable faster connectivity. Additionally, range of extensions are available to efficiently deal with payment gateways via various modules of CodeIgniter.

“It doesn’t matter what platform or operating system we use for development. CodeIgniter website can be hosted on all major environments. It is self-contained, well portable and delivers same level of user experience.”

The most appreciated thing that makes Codeigniter the favourite of web programmers is its convenient and easy to access documentation system. It provides developers with molten approach of writing codelines with its concise  documentation.

In CodeIgniter site,

  • There is no need to handle Template Engine
  • From time to time, it is upgraded by extending different plug-ins from first source team
  • Already hundreds of live websites have succeeded on the world wide web
  • You are at liberty to design better content layouts

If you are planning to make career as PHP developer, CodeIgniter is an ideal start. You quickly learn and digest many fundamental concepts and then start making small to medium web applications in a short span of time.

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