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With increased mobilization or use of mobile like devices such as tablets and smartphones, the concept of mobile commerce (mCommerce) has also obtained prominence. With other sweeping changes in technologies, it is equally changing the way business solutions are delivered. And this is a revolutionary transformation,  you have to keep updated to manage your own commercial transactions via mobile apps, at both professional and personal level. Cloud based systems and IAAS(infrastructure as a service) solutions are widely adopted by so many organizations all over the world.  E-Commerce is no more in its nascent stages. Elite news is that skilled man power has significantly increased in proportion and is available to build your own cross platform cross device mobile website at much cheaper rate. Notice that mobile app is not equal to mobile friendly website and may not be suitable in all circumstances. Therefore, mobile website still has its stake.

You can explore full potentials of eCommerce and improve the quality of customer facing facilities by automating architecture of your responsive web application. Tools like CRON jobs, Windows Task Scheduler etc. come in spare for automation purpose.   All you ought to achieve is a regulated system, in which agents or direct customers are thoroughly connected with the care delivery ecosystem with a proper passage that records every details. Given below is a fair estimation of smartphone users as on the years  2015 and 2016.

(Source : IDC )

Think for scalable web presence, right from initiation of project

Simply hosting a typical website that takes part in the competition is not the planning of scale. When your firm grows in future to accommodate past, present and upcoming clients and consumption of physical papers is disappeared or has been obsolete,  your automated digital system is the only help to continue business. With

  • taxes paid online
  • invoice generated by software as new purchase occurs
  • shipping path shown at the user’s desire to approximate when she will be reached product, and
  • much more in place,

you can simply focus on profit driven strategies with help from first class analytics reports available at your fingertips. Now if you had attached a quality less database at the time of project initiation, it may lack many functionalities that you need, take for example, it is requirement of ‘database savepoint’ feature. This could be overcome by another brand digital database that is also free and open source but just because you did not recommend that robust piece to software team at very first, they implemented randomly selected product which is embarking business rules related issues. Your indigenous website has to undergo migration process for this task. Only browsing of top level information is adequate to gauge popularity and stake of rightful software component to use for your business site. With latest technologies like distributed file system and NoSQL, many consultants build complex web existence by leveraging free MongoDB and Hadoop systems as opposed to prop up traditional RDBMS database. Of course, an individual or SMB does NOT have to derive defect-free, optimized system at first glance, additional or advanced features can be injected as you go, concern is compatibility, that you are assured of capacity or capabilities of ingredients of website. You can also use website evaluation tools like demo versions freely provided from,, CPUz and many other sites to verify efficiency of your site on different machines, on different operating systems, on different internet bandthwidth as well as on your own mobile.

Business Data Processing

Being able to process data in real-time is just one of many magnifications you can enjoy by deploying mobile friendly responsive business apps. You can save time by not having to wait for accurate, updated information. State-of-the-art applications of next generation can hastily gather required data than a human being. A retail mobile app designed for sales and marketing team can immensely lift up the productivity of employees – by synchronizing numbers of inventory in real time, new catalogue of prices  checked instantly, and by execution of payment transaction in an inert manner.

All these features comes in handy and act as munificent devices as they deliver calculated figures and administered reports of the business. Tightly customized CRM software can also help the company to provide conscious customer service. Business apps are means to take care of clients effortlessly, regardless of where they are, by rendering common or cloud web space accessible by intersected stakeholders. Take for example, an insurance agent can straightway feed images and other accident related data into system and sanction the bill immediately.

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