Prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked

WordPress has emerged as premier choice of entrepreneurs for crafting comprehensive business websites.

If you’re a numbers geek or want estimation based on statistics, every day on an average 500+ more WordPress websites are added on Web 2.0 platform as on 27th March 2017.

While WordPress is known for offering thousands of customizable templates, themes and plug-ins, it has also become hot destination for hackers along, who break into the system for any malicious intentions.

Apart from extremely easy-to-use interfaces, WordPress offers reliable security plug-ins that protects your business website. Therefore you can safeguard the complete environment simply by adding more extensions rather having to write any code from the scratch.

Following are widely adopted, recognized and tested plugins you may try for your retail or enterprise website.

  1. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall

This plugin helps you know how secured is your website by displaying a merit or score on the main dashboard. The security scanner of this plug-in immediately identifies the changes in WordPress site and notifies the user so as to keep away from any possible threat.

  1. BulletProof Security

As the name says, this plug-in is a unique solution to overcome different types of security attacks such as CRLF, RFI, XSS and SQL injection.

It instantly acknowledges the site owner by sending an alert on registered email id or contact number.

  1. Sucuri Security

For the most part, this plug-in is for free for WordPress.

The highlighting feature of this plug-in is that it but tracks all sorts of activities on the website rather notifying only for the problem area.

Therefore, it comes in handy to admins for purposes of auditing and blacklist tracking.

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