What is PPC? (Pay Per Click)

SEO drives traffic to your website through organic searches; PPC (Pay per Click) is a model of internet marketing in which one pays to have visits to one’s website. Digital marketing professionals, who have expertise in PPC, research for the specific keyword which your prospective customer may type to search your type of business over the internet.

Advertisers bid for ad placement on sponsored links on Search Engines. The more the visibility of your website, the more will be the traffic.

Pay Per Click

Our Pay Par click (PPC) Services

You don’t need just traffic, you need relevant traffic

  • Search Advertsing
    Search Advertsing(Being visible)

    Textual Ads that appear on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are assured to have widespread reach most of your target customers are searching for you. Ads appear at the top or bottom of the search page.

  • Display advertising
    Display advertising(Attracting clicks through visuals)

    It is easier to appeal customers with visuals; Display advertising can help you drive more traffic as the ad is displayed in banners along with enticing images to provoke the click and affect the purchasing decision.

  • Remarketing
    Remarketing(Bringing back the customers who only browsed)

    This type of marketing is useful for customers who visited your website but did not make a purchase. Ads on your website will appear on other web pages which user browses thereafter. It is a form of advertising where you provoke the customer to rethink on the purchase.

More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales

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Key Benefits of Hiring PPC Services

  • Measurable

    PPC is quantifiable and you can easily calculate the ROI on the investment you did.

  • Mobile Optimisation
    Mobile Optimisation

    With a high boost in Smartphone users, Mobile PPC has boomed. Mobile optimization targets the huge number of mobile users.

  • Instant Visibility
    Instant Visibility

    In depth research to find relevant keywords assures you to have instant visibility on search engines.

  • Targeted

    PPC is highly targeted. Ads will be shown only to those who are searching for us thus giving us better ROI compared to other marketing channels.


Our PPC Process

Our PPC specialists open a Google Adwords account for you and selects keywords that ensure that the ad reaches the right audience at the right time, and, attract more customers.

Our PPC specialists ensure your PPC ad campaign generate qualified leads by linking the ad with a well designed landing page, enhancing the Quality Score of your keywords, geo-targeting, using alternate ad platforms like Bing/Facebook ads, etc.

Our PPC specialists manage, test, refine and improve your PPC Ad campaign with various PPC optimization tools and techniques that help you devise keywords, ads, or campaign that will receive the maximum clicks and help optimize it or lead to a conversion.

Our PPC specialists ensure that the devised PPC campaign boosts your ROI by reviewing PPC performance by Day and Time, by effectively geo-targeting, by call tracking to convert through PPC call tracking software, etc.

Why Choose Bliss for Pay Per Click (PPC) Services?

  • Our PPC specialist dedicatedly works on each assigned project.
  • Our PPC campaigns ensure that our client gets maximum ROI.
  • We strictly maintain 100% transparency with ownership of data.
  • We come with more than 7 years of PPC expertise.
  • We are Google and Bing certified partners.

You will receive customized, human reply within 24 working hours.

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