Positive Sides of Pay Per Click campaigns

Pay-per-click search engine campaigns allow you to bid for ad placements with high competition keywords that is otherwise not possible with organic or SEO efforts, for any business. For example, suppose you are investment advisor group, and even long tail suggestions like topic-keywords such as “offshore investment advise”,  you have to wait for one year  to get displayed in 1st SERP because just you hosted a new website that has no age at current moment.  You can bid for the first five placements on Google  to pop-up website when someone searches with relavant keywords.

A word about click frauds and why you should not worry

Ok, above is the information that most of audiences know and have complex problems to resolve for getting leads. A horde of business owners have complained ‘click frauds’ as they launched tight budget adwords advertisements. And competitors mutilate ad banners through a volume of bogus clicks on your ads just to keep intersected prospects diverted. You should always asses visits through Google Analytics and if these fraudulent clicks are in excessive magnitude from a single or a group of same ip addresses, a customer has right to inform and reclaim new ad groups from Google. Not only this, consultants at Google will research and ascertain devices embarking malicious search engine activities and if they are caught, company may ban entire set of services for those identities for the life time. Click frauds do not get into picture in most cases unless one has invested too much coins or is a quite regular advertiser for a long time.

Expense distribution and maintenance

Yes, we agree that when PPC technology is a time saviour, also there’s a catch, as most popular keywords are very expensive. So effective strategy is to bid with somewhat less rate for popular keywords due to the fact that an advertiser always does NOT need to come on the 1st place in the 1st SERP. Second impression on the first page has its stake while being cost effective.

If you are engaged with a kind of manufacturing sector that sells costly machines or like goods, only a single conversion will nullify all the expenses for ROI purposes. However, you might claim that then benevolence of PPC is only for royal trade units. Truth is that even if you don’t get a single conversion, it is visibility that you earn as long term rewards. Even the most sophisticated systems can not reveal or map how conversion was an effect from a six months behind ad that was rolled out without any significant outcome on that date. Users act in accordance with intentions hidden in their cerebrum, therefore it is impossible to predict ongoing flow of calls when we ought to launch ppc campaign in demanded regions and during calculated times which can be filtered out in bing or google ad programs. Vested interest of a trader is in  doing marketing than relying on luck.

Importance of quality score and account management

If you are clever in achieving good quality score by anticipating proper relevancy and pixel perfect webpages, you can save a lot of money. You are discovered pricing gaps to lower your bids while still maintaining the same position if you frequently observe reply or final arrangements of ads from adwords engine. Properly administered PPC account has enough spending history that may save you hundreds of dollars. Few digital marketing agencies have developed various free PPC bid management tools that offer useful insights to overcome barriers in automating monthly ads without becoming exhaustive of budget sooner.


Remarketing is an unprecedented level facility offered by first tier search engines to show the ads only to target users who have previously presented interest in looking in your products by any means like purchasing of any professional offerings from your physical shop, browsing of business website, reading of specifications on landing page or clicked on your ad.

This way unwanted clicks can be withdrawn and prospects can be taken to the next level in the purchase cycle.

Liberal Testing Capabilities

Pay per click marketing offers a variety of chances for marketers to test and find out new ideas-whether it is testing of impact of unique selling point statement, tinkering with revenue model or prices, or perhaps improving a pre-existing set of keywords in an old campaign. As you type more and more keywords, you come to know hidden words and can keep track of the bustle.

Simply by considering PPC as core speculation, one ignores the possibility of earning extra income. And that is not in the best interests of any shop or marketer. Those who pursue PPC CAREFULLY are likely going to find that over the time,  their income has significantly augmented.

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