Magento Website Beautiful Theme Design Techniques

“eMarketer estimated that nearly 2.6 billion people — over 1/3 of consumers worldwide — will use Smartphones by 2018.”

What thing is the most important to sale more through website  ?

Whether you make presence on internet with

eCommerce website for selling products, services and other merchandise


you host regular website to reveal your thinking-inputs  to bring subjectmatter into glare of media, following statement certainly  holds true:

You want individuals and businesses to visit your website frequently.

How can you control anyone to navigate to your internet site or engage with it ?  Lead is very next question, first comes the engagement.

Clear answer is theme of website, that is,

  1. Its look
  2. Its feel
  3. Its colour
  4. Its font, or

all in one answer is

  • Super theme and ambience of website, for any type of business niche Super means aesthetic, astonishing and one which is tantamount to physical store interior and exterior to make customers have experience much like that of your real world shop

Is functionality important or look of website is important ?

Yes, truly, it is NOT functionality alone that makes firm succeed.

In fact front end programming although receives less respect than that of back end technologies, any difficultly implemented feature with back end code lines including those

  • which can track visitor behaviour and
  • footprints nicely


in a ugly theme website is NOT going to make for business and so you will not be able to get dividends for higher profits.

“Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. “

(Source: Adobe)

By the way, as blog title says, this text is about technical aspects to look into website theme when your web assets are consuming Magento code lines.  Therefore, we don’t have sufficient space to justify theme importance here.

Technical changes to make good theme in Magento based site

While there aren’t any rules for anyone who wants to learn , this article will mostly be digestible by Magneto or PHP developer, or target audience is at least supposed to be technical persons.

Being 360 degree flexible, open source and liberal licensing platform, Magento allows much control to adjust look and feel of website theme, below are few of recognized and useful tricks of the trade:

  1. Put code files in proper structure, specifically in app and skin folders, good organization by early developers comes in handy for re-designers to execute faster at later stages in SDLC
  2. Use and Integrate Bootstrap’s CSS and .js files and HTML5 Boilerplate for main templates in robust way
  3. Develop highly reactive Header, Footer and navigation bar that can fully adjust with smaller screen sizes
  4. Create CMS block for carousel and banners
  5. Generate incredible effects with exciting CSS styles, including but NOT limited to
    • With CSS3, implement transitions
    • an animated cart in the header
    • 3D flip animation in  .phtml file
  6. Create custom product image galleries with PhotoJS
  7. Expose fancy yet clear fonts with help from Google Fonts, Font Squirrel and Adobe Typekit
  8. Make website theme fully responsive with specific media queries.
    • Most device sizes are contained within these limits:
    • Large devices (.container width – 1170 px)
    • Medium devices (.container width – 970 px)
    • Tablet devices (.container width – 750 px)
  9. Always integrate social media buttons with theme, common ones are LIKE buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Even though they may NOT be clicked much, this an essential asset item to front up to visitors to reveal your professional and business efforts
  10. Create stretchable widgets with tons of options using xml
  11. You can also create theme admin panel using fields in xml and config.xml

Plethora of resources are there on web 2.0 for developer’s support to craft theme that can incur hundreds of clicks per day.

Interesting and expert content serving blogs that are endorsed worldwide are as follows. These will ease your work and update you as Magento developer from time to time.

  1. Manish Prakash’sblog, en expert advice on designing
  2. Fabrizio Branca’s blog,  he is a certified programmer and has extensively resolved slow loading elated issues of rich content themes with expert lookouts in cache.
  3. Bubble codes by Johann Reinke

If you are looking for some  neat, jargon-free and yet NO beginner level tutorials for Magento functionalities, you can take help from TutsPlus

For those who wish to receive new tech trends and news regarding Magento, a good source is Smashing magazine, it is designed for web designers as well as back end developers.

Improving knowledge on designing is ongoing goal for every UI or UX designer rather just Magento UI designer.

Read useful UX news at FSF, Free Software Foundation to look for alternate free libraries of existing premium components like FreeJS.

eCommerce success ratio is good, but at the same time it entails  emphatic skill-set for customization and creative ideas.

There are many more free website stuff available on various less known sites from which you can copy code snippet and simply incorporate in your site  during and before build process.

“After reaching a company’s website via a referral site, 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to orient themselves.”

(Source: KoMarketing)

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