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“Your business should adopt WebRTC for video conferences.”

“WebRTC can be seamlessly integrated into daily business activities.”


Communication is at the heart to establish and maintain a successful enterprise. The emerging Web Real Time Communication technology delivers rich audio and video conferencing and peer-to-peer data exchange directly from browser itself.  Therefore, approach of web programmers and merchants should be to understand and implement real time telecommunication architects by leveraging WebRTC.  VoIP technology is elegantly shifting from its original standalone nature to fit as browser based component.

Why WebRTC when other alternatives are available ?

In the early days of the Internet, browsers were limited in capabilities. Installing plug-ins into web clients like browser was the only way to render multimedia content like streaming of Adobe Flash videos. Plug-ins are vulnerable to security because through it, hackers can inject malicious code to alter the final outcome. To overcome this inconveniency, WebRTC is a break through nomenclature and it is introduced as  media engine as opposed to plug-in. Now-a-days, it is standard part of any W3C approved web client component.

How WebRTC is different ?

WebRTC can be packaged on boards like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone etc. and allows collaboration from one endpoint to other in a device neutral manner. You are provided with efficient way to carry video chat instantly. Moreover, WebRTC is now constituted with HTML and HTTP amongst other technologies. Responsibility to impart further enhancements of WebRTC protocol onto JavaScript API is delegated on W3C and Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF). Therefore, it is almost freely bundled and available just as you buy a computer and double click Firefox, chrome, safari or other browser. Enterprise level businesses can use it without constraints as it has liberal BSD licence. RTCPeerConnection API of WebRTC is designed to meet demands of transferring streaming data, signalling channel, authorization and otheradvance functionalities.

WebRTC is deployed for chat, file-sharing and screen sharing purposes. It is a trending technology for immense service providers all over the world and massively adopted by vendors of online learning, tech forums and e-commerce. It comes in handy to initiate cross operating system, cross browser talk between users who are seated in far flung areas or overseas.

WebRTC, without a doubt, generates mobile-first apps

As with all other web parts,  the trend is to know performance of component on tablet, mobile and handheld devices. Although originally designed for laptops or desktop computers, WebRTC is gradually moulded by experts to inherit its mileage on small screens. Requests are significantly transferred to construct native iOS and native Android clients built on top of WebRTC during past few years.

WebRTC for customer support

97% of online buyers research their purchase on the web before coming to decisive stage. You can easily reach potential customer by giving her facility to contact your sales team. When you are a vendor offering services instead tangible goods, this is very useful and meaningful device. Thus, WebRTC is transitioning the era where a customer personally comes in touch with agent from website itself, without needing a separate software program.

Conclusion/Major benefits of WebRTC

  1. Abundant Cost Savings. No longer does your organization has to destine a cluster of 100s of members. Telecom is just expensing zero charges, continue hot and cold calling on internet package.
  2. Elimination of an IVR for routing purposes. Using WebRTC, we can route straightward to the customers browser.
  3. Ease of use for customer. No searching, no installing downloading and neither need to pick up a cell. Browser simply acts as all in one instrument and software.

WebRTC is not a technology of the future but it is on your hands, in your computer right now. Advantages of WebRTC are enormous  in the ERP and CRM world.

We have invested time to fathom popularity of WebRTC through  statistics.  Talking about the component and its usage success is increasingly found in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Web developers write WebRTC as one of their essential skills. GitHub speaks of the number of WebRTC enabled services.

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd., we offer fascinating inclusion of WebRTC into your existing as well as new website.

“WebRTC Boosts Customer Support.”

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