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Javascript is declared as number one programming language of the world in the year of 2014 by TIBOE index which summarizes on the basis of number of lines of code collected in Git repository. Since then, the language has shown drastic growth in its uses for various verticals apart from internet and web.

Last month i.e. Nov-Dec 2016, while in an interview, Brendan Eich, creator of the software revealed that Javascript is now-a-days used even for machine learning purpose. Following excerpts from interview he also told that new component namely WebAssembly is already derived from asm.js that can be used and optimized so that cross-platform products can be written in purely Javascript with equivalent to native speed support with Google’s Portable Native Client ( PnaCI ) and it will go live in first quarter of 2017. All the top 10 most popular websites of the world unflinchingly consume Javascript code fragments as client side software alike server side programming languages in whichcase no single software dominates.

Right from the start, JavaScript is shaping rich development ecosystem that language enjoys today. Software developers can use JavaScript for almost all sorts of things.

It is now possible to run real time games in browsers without plugins by methods of two powerful JS libraries: asm.js and WebGL. With ECMAScript 6, JavaScript is packed up with a ton of new features targeted towards making life easier for people building transpilers, i.e. programming languages that compile down to JavaScript, like Uberscript, CoffeeScript, C++ etc.

Keeping pace with multi-core CPUs speed, JavaScript allows programmers to use monads of functional programming constructs and they use it without knowing it. Functional reactive library Bacon.js posses good stars on GitHub.

The positive side of Javascript is that it was designed to be agnostic about coder’s programming style and paradigm and perhaps therefore so many libraries related to it exists today serving diversified purposes, to give few names, D3.js, Node.js, Async, Angular.js, ExtJS, Google maps JavaScript APIs etc. In the Javascript world, if one is well-grounded developer then it is a matter of seconds to adopt design patterns and techniques of a new framework a programmer is not normally accustomed to and can build an extension or module. Alike previous decade, we can build mobile web application entirely written in JavaScript using Node.js, JQuery, MongoDB and Phonegap.

Io.js is a famous fork of Node.js created with the intention of community control over the future of Node.js environment compatibilities and posses far more ECMAScript6 features than its base. Although less commonly known at the moment, there are also people using JavaScript to do embedded programming. They use it to communicate directly with the outside world by using MicroControllers and other electronics related utilities.

The platform is ubiquitous. Trainers of GIS solutions insist on combining JavaScript with Python to generate full-blown feature rich map servers. Upcoming elegant JavaScript features include generators, promises to give us better control over asynchronous code, proxies, regular expression enhancements and advanced array methods, which make array-handling code courteous.

Honing skills to tie new concepts and features together gives a programmer a level of understanding that puts one in the elite group.

And traditional uses of JavaScript are continued i.e. use in browsers to impart functionality into a website and executing generous work of loading login forms, fancy animations etc. Elaborately endorsed by all categories of software experts, jQuery is becoming the most popular among developers since it makes it easier to use JavaScript, specially with readymade code recipes.

JavaScript code snippets are used to create animations and games as well. There are frameworks that help you to explore even 60+ frames per second. You can find animations where you can virtually move the camera and view the sequence from position of your preference with JS. If anything left, they are desktop software. Oppose to its original purpose i.e. web development, the technology is expanded by passionate technology specialists to apply it to this arena with help of variants like Nashorn, a JavaScript engine developed by Oracle to run and execute on JVM. Lot of embedded devices including the Tessel use JS as part of software system.

To summarize, even though Javascript is not stand alone computer language, there is no alternative and competitor of this software. Regardless of our opinion for JavaScript, not to know it would be hazardous to any programmer’s career. Future of JavaScript developer is bright and high-paying, for technology will not only be maintained, but will be extended in its hold by software industry experts to reach new heights during the coming years.

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