How to select Android App Development Company in India

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In a world where Mobile App developers are mushrooming in tens of thousands every day and everywhere, choosing the right Company to partner with, especially in the Indian context can be a tricky proposition. So if you have decided to go ahead, here are a few tips that could come handy.

Obviously, a decision on how to find the “right partner” is akin to the conventional arranged marriage in India – even in the context of mobile app development ! So, let us evaluate the considerations involved. Choosing the right partner could eventually be the difference between success and failure, same as against a happily married life and divorce. Hence, it is important that you research, evaluate, cross-check, verify, and vet your potential partner before all else.

Simply put, there are 4 key elements that you should consider :

Company Credentials & Portfolio of Clients : Most prospects will “sell” their app development portfolio on their websites. While, Android App building calls for specific skills, development for particular industries can be a specialized job. So, check on the Company’s expertise just the way you would in selecting your wife. How good is your potential partner ? Check for genuine reviews – not just the good ones but, more so the negative insight you can gather. Google reviews are an excellent tool when seeking a background check to ascertain the Company’s credentials and rating. Look at the prospective “Partners” clients who they have worked for. Check for diversity.

Level of Expertise :

A good Company will always have a good portfolio of clients and an impressive list of Apps developed highlighting features and design. Check if the Company has worked for reputed brands / corporate in diverse industries. Check if they have  developed Apps in multiple technologies. For example, proficiency in not just Android based Apps but in IOS , Blackberry etc would be a distinct plus. The more diversified a list, the better off you will be ! At the same time, also check if they specialize in your industry. Always choose a Partner who understands the value of quality workmanship. That will ensure  your Android App Development company lays emphasis on basics like presentation and good performance, interactivity, delivery on time, loading time of app, user experience etc.

Processes, Controls & Efficiency :

Process is of prime importance and could often prove critical. It is important that your App is built correctly and ships on time. A good Partner will have systematic processes for operational efficiency and controls and checks put in place to address timeliness and prompt delivery. The ability to meet deadlines and accomplish work on time is the essence of a good marriage. So, check on the Company’s ability to perform under strict timelines and deliver on time.  You may have an urgent requirement and your App developing partner if not well equipped to handle deadlines, will be of little use. So, you need to make absolutely sure that the money you invest yields results and in time.

Affordability & Cost Implications :

When selecting a business partner as in a Mobile App Developer  you need to be very careful  in estimating the cost implications and affordability.  While, choosing for the cheapest company and compromising on quality or expertise will surely land you in trouble, also beware of the cost factor and recheck if the best service provider fits into your budget or not. Some prospects may charge you less because your App could be developed by inexperienced engineers. Others may have the expertise of top notch engineers and professionals at their disposal with the requisite experience that could prove crucial.

A few Questions To Consider :

When zeroing in on serious prospects ask the following questions. These should easily help you make the right choice

  1. What platforms does the Company have expertise in.
  2. Do they have expertise to cover every stage of the development cycle.
  3. What is the Company’s Mobile App Development process.
  4. Is the Company agile.
  5. What kind of testing will be done during the development.
  6. Does the Company provide post deployment support

Lastly, as one would do in choosing one’s life partner once you have found the answer to the above questions, go by your gut feeling and at the same time, pay heed to what the mind says. Difficult, is it ? When who said this Marriage was meant to be any different ?

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