How to optimize your website to reduce webpage loading speed?

Life has goals : Short term and Long term

Goals are comprised of objectives.

It can be said that “Objective is achieved” when we are reached thresholds of severe parameters of specific objective.

Conclusion is that we must be known of success and milestones to success in any field of life regardless of specific sector in which we are working.

Let us look at few techniques that will optimize your website in any way, like

  1. Page Speed Performance
  2. Good look and feel of UIs without compromising with number of image objects
  3. Offline browsing


With more than 1,100,000,000  unique monthly visitors, Facebook is 2nd highest traffic website in the world.

In spite of too many rich content objects, especially images and videos, engineers at Facebook have applied wide range of tactics that doesn’t allow degraded performance to user profiles.

  1. Minify JavaScript/CSS
  2. Minifying is the procedure of removing unnecessary comments and whitespace

    from the code.

    But  it happens at the cost of less readable code.

    You may also keep a fully commented and explained copy of your JavaScript and CSS code files in spare. Minify them for live server alone.

    You can squeeze even more bytes when you apply gzip along with minification.

    Presented below is table of popular websites that have benefited performance with this technique.

    We can see that HOME page file size can be reduced as much as 78% in few cases.

    (Source: Website Optimization, Andrew B. King, O’Reilly)

  3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  4. Using any CDN services is better than NOT using at all.

    With this in action, Subsequent requests to same site or page completes dramatically in lesser time.

    Although we do NOT have any vendor suggestions in specific, CacheFly CDN network has benefited many business with their dedicated CDN setup and services.

  5. Establish persistent connections
  6. Reducing number of HTTP requests to web server has been concept that is all time voted and many experts have optimized it.

    Web servers, like Apache, configured with HTTP keep alive option allows browsers to reuse and conserve socket connections.

    A socket connection generally takes as much load time as making another object request.

    Although this is not a big issue with other than ad servers on Web 2.0, you should account for and resolve where needed.

  7. Avoid too many redirects
  8. While being detrimental from search engine ranking perspectives, this has another drawback also: it takes additional load time.

    Take for example, redirection with 301 or 302 response code indicates that a server should send webpage to user with URL over previously requested http:// as in header of HTTP request.

    Google or any major search engine comes to know for this and it may rank wrong page due to any reason like age or number of visits until date.

  9. Observe Indexed content

This is overlooked SEO metric by many businesses and professionals. It tells you how many of your webpages are indexed in the current state of website by search engines so that users’ query can hit specific page upon successful match of search term.

HOME page content may NOT be targeted everytime. And any other page of site may be well serving content according to intention of user or search phrase.

Once knowing this, you can drill down to see which landing pages receive the highest number of visits and then you can form an opinion about engaging content and strong sections.

You can further refine them to shorten PATHs to leads.

Most free tools including XML sitemaps provide facilities to generate free sitemap files upto 500 pages with 1st-2nd or more deeper level pages.

If your web application is larger than 500 webpages, proper care and attention is needed, especially when sitemap.xml files are split into multiple parts.  Related crawling-indexing problems can be analyzed in Google webmaster tool.

More calls-to-action content like webinars, e-book, slideshows etc. offers greater chances of interaction and highly engaged visits.

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