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Finally the day has come and Yahoo Merchant Solutions started supporting Google Trusted Stores implementation option, which becomes available under “Site Settings” in Store Manager. Google Trusted Stores is a program for Merchants that allows you to display “Trusted Store” badge on your website. It will give you opportunity to show you are a great place to shop.

Google Trusted Stores is a free program for merchants and is open to all US-based merchants! You will have trusted badge in search results and on your website. The report card on your business will be available to the customers by simply hover over on the trusted badge. Here is the guideline in detail for this program.

You can get benefits as listed below using Google Trusted Stores:

  • Increase confidence for new shoppers
  • Trusted Stores can help you qualify for seller rating in AdWords
  • Highlight Google Trusted Stores status in AdWords
  • Attract shoppers from Google Shopping
  • Improve sales on your site

How can you set it up Google Trusted Stores in Yahoo Store?

Many open source and hosted solutions eCommerce platforms require adding Javascript code on site page and checkout pages to pass necessary information to Google Trusted Stores program. But, Yahoo Store has a very simple option to implement it. They have just added Google Trusted Stores option under the “Site Settings” in Store Manager. You can see that option in screenshot below:

Google Trusted Stores Yahoo Store Settings

When you click on that link, you just need to fill up some of the information, which you can get when you register for Google Trusted Stores program. You can register for this program by clicking here. You can see the options on that screen using following screenshot:

Google Trusted Stores Setup Option

We really think it is very easy to set it up in Yahoo Store with this new release from Yahoo! . If you have any query about this and want any assistance from us, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you with this!

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