Free and Open Source Software Alternatives for Business : Part 2

“Life would be much easier if I had the source code.”

 “Mathematics is Open Source.”

“My own personal dream is that the majority of the web runs on open source software.”

We will continue our tour of popular and widely used multiple types of open source softwares, while choosing mostly free application if it meets minimum requirements.

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With introduction of video publishing sites like

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo


it is now affordable for small businesses to publish their message out in a way that was not possible until the near past.

For the business owners whose resources are novices to JavaScript programming, there is high need of audio-video processing tools because they cannot debug and execute code generating graphics due to being other type of veteran.

More than one technologies are targeted when working with audio and video related tasks.

Fortunately, open source no-cost options are also available for

  • capturing
  • converting, and
  • editing

audio and video files.

Let us start by Audio and Video editing softwares.

  1. Audacity: Manage Audio effectively

An easy-to-use yet powerful open source audio editing tool.

  • It is 11thmost popular download on and runs cross platform.

100% free.

Look no further for most audio related enhancements.

  1. MPEG Streamclip: Playing with Video formats

While being limited in functionalities, it is an excellent freeware tool for purposes of video format conversion.

  1. VirtualDub: Video capturing and processing

It is a free and open-source video capture cum video processing application but only for Microsoft Windows.

  • GNU General Public Licence.

It can process a variety of linear video streams.

It uses AVI container format while capturing video.

  1. Kdenlive : Video Editing tool

KDE is widely known in the world.

Kdenlive is a

  • powerful
  • high pixel
  • good look and feel
  • an open source

video editor for Linux and Mac OS X.

  • Kdenlive is from KDE developers .

Its scope of editing is fascinating and supports

  • WMV
  • MPEG
  • Flash video
  • Quick time
  • AVI


  1. Project Management : Project Libre
  • Those who criticize Microsoft products for defects, I would like to ask what if they were open source or free ?

Would you still choose  Unix-like systems or M S Office alternatives ?

Probably NO.

ProjectLibre is an open source program analogous to Microsoft Project.

While not possessing good ambience like that of Microsoft Project, it is no lesser in functionalities.

It has features such as

  • Gantt chart
  • Microsoft Project 2010 compatibility
  • Ribbon user interface
  • Task usage reports
  • Earned value costing

And many more.

  1. Time Tracking software – Tsheets


It is pretty good at tracking employee working hours.

Notably, developers have gone too far and delved deeper to track complex tasks of many industries and sectors.

Internet is not required, this application works on GPS also.

It is free for 5 projects only.


  1. inFlow – Inventory Management Software application

With more than 7,00,000 users worldwide, inFlow  opens more than 100 free options for SMBs.

Unless your shop is truly medium size or enterprise firm, you probably will NOT need to release any cheque.

For large businesses also, it is quite economic full-fledged product  charging one shot USD $400 for lifetime, no monthly charges, as of this writing.

“More than 55 percent of respondents said their company has no formal policy or procedure for open-source use. Moreover, only 27 percent have a formal policy for employee contributions to OSS projects.”

  1. Website creation software – KompoZer

You might have heard name – Dreamweaver as powerful IDE for making websites.

KompoZer overlaps many features with DreamWeaver,  including but not limited to

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Cross-platform
  • Support for generation of forms, tables and template
  • FTP integration


It is one of best in class HTML editor.

It is community driven, therefore you are assured that it will be free forever.

It isn’t INACTIVE in status, but unfortunately, probably contributors’ lack has

made it like obsolete.

“No one is perfect, otherwise why pencils have erasers.”

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