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The menu on a website is but one of few navigation shafts used to upgrade or frustrate the user experience. The importance of menus should not be under estimated. In this article,  we will focus on navigation techniques collaboratively referred to as the website menus or navigation bar.

Choosing a style either horizontal or vertical and location of menus is an essential facet of site organization.  From where a designer has to start?

Simply browse other websites and observe what you like and dislike about the menus presented on them. Typically, there will be one main navigation bar located as the top – horizontal menu, if not, it will be located at the left side in vertical style. Modern websites now-a-days keep windows 8 type navigation where clicking on box at the upper right corner reveals options.

Depending upon themes, colour compositions and CSS programming complexity involved,  even some boring and out-of-the-date menus can be of use and reflect eye-catching effects. Yet, we have to accept that bucking the modern trends may lose the game as newer generation design rules are the dictators  and always posses room for altering element so that it looks royal and latest. So, in this article, we are bringing you state-of-the-art navigation solutions.

1 – Interactive navigation

This is one of the leading fashion or style of navigation where menus are just above static scenes of background. Beneath menu bar is an option to play interactive videos that are spiced with the pragmatic features.

Despite the fact that this is a hit menu in demand,   it suffers from non-compatibility issues with a series of devices and browsers.

2 – Navigation menus in websites that are powered with parallax effects

These projects are usually steered by the parallax and opt for plain and ingenious navigation that is based on simple graphics.

Circles are often inclusive on titles and blend with surrounding environment straightforward.

As this CSS intensive menu offers  opportunity to make your site much more interesting, it grabs significant attention as visitors walk through.

3 – Hamburger menu – the elegant way

This is the age of minimalistic approach. Visitors like to see new generation, neat and uncluttered web pages that are full of mind blowing images.

No more text.

So this navigation menu is the top choice of present decade corporate where all the matter is collected to one place in windows 10 operating style as we discussed in first paragraph of this text..

4 – Menu enriched with multimedia elements

Alike interactive navigation, videos, images and other parts of this menu are often designated for supporting on a variety of devices without sacrificing productivity.

All thanks and regards to the inventions in technologies that  allows us to incorporate tons of multimedia within limited chunks of memory.

This navigation is highly in the trends. It also has a hamburger button with a footer navigation and takes up entire screen while shedding focus on square boxes that show descriptions when user hovers the mouse over them.

5 – Spacious drop down menu

Comprehensive stores cannot afford 2nd and 3rd level navigations without up fronting all major categories of products, services and offerings. Major industry products have to be on premier or main menu itself to catch the visitor from exiting.

Best example of vendors who are already succeeded by adopting this style of menu are numerous, like,, and many more.

This menu is a multi-functional web component that extends over the entire screen with good balance of menu items.

Strive for better global website navigation

Global navigation delineates links to a website’s top-level categories that are showcased on every page.

Goal is to reach to desired page from any depth level page within two clicks as recommended by Google for good SEO implementation.

Given below is a lucrative mix of navigation ideas :

43% Navigation Tabs

( At least, 50% of these should be directly placed in 1st level sub navigation in a horizontal bar)

4% Navigation Buttons

7% Plain List

39% Navigation Bar

5% Pull-Down Menu

You may make use of pop-ups, cascading or fly-away menu but it has been criticized by a group of visitors for its difficulty to select an option. Sometimes it goes hidden meanwhile a visitor drags cursor from main menu to submenu.

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