Did you ask atleast basic ORM or digital database related questions to your app development company?

Comprehend over size of your business data over the years

As your shop is expanded, your digital database maintenance, like every other kind of overhead, goes complex to maintain. According to legal implications in many sectors, consumers cannot destroy data for 5 to 10 years in few verticals.

If your mobile app development company is conscious, there should not occur any nightmare in the near future after they provided you with ultimate release or build.


Software engineers generally know how to implement right ERD(Entity Relationship Diagram) if they regularly draw it for small to mid-sized PHP/MySQL application.

Particularly, when multiple levels of relationships are involved in RDBMS, it becomes harder to fetch, retrieve, store or delete data because complicated SQL queries have to be written. They also eat up useful age of processor if it is messy coding.

To take away this pain from developers, every PHP (or in fact, each platform like Java, Swift etc.) offers frameworks with powerful feature called ‘object relational mapping’ or ORM to handle database relationships with ease.

These are logical relations between the database tables. Using ORM, we save, retrieve, and delete business data into and from different database tables with simplicity, without having to write complex SQL queries; especially JOIN operators are avoided up to far extent.

In real world web projects, database table relationship is the most commonly used geek and hence it is important to have a very good understanding of ORM model

Why us? What we offer to scale your database via ORM?

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd, we have a deep look at various types of associations and their uses, such as

  • How to single out association types from database table relations
  • How to define different types of associations
  • How to utilize the association for fetching related model data
  • How to change associations on the fly when required

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