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Just because people are able to see your website on their mobile devices, it doesn’t mean that your business site is smartphone friendly. Mobile web design has grown to adopt the newest trends online. Mobile sites have to fit with different screen sizes of various brands to take into account the needs of diversified userbase.

Web design has generally remained tough to execute because it has to consider a myriad of factors including client preference of layout-colours, target audience, theme adjustments and without a doubt, JavaScript programming complexity. Developers go with staggering hard work as there exists only tiny space to accommodate all demands.

Let us directly jump into a set of technical cum strategic stitches that comes in handy to attract clicks that can convert.

  1. The first mobile internet experiences were very slow and used to come with costly digital data plans.

It was a time when MNCs or large markets used to employ scalable applications with mobile web reflections.

Ever since then, technology has moved forward and new standards like WAP ( Wireless Access Protocol ), XHTML and WML are introduced and evolved after late 90’s. Now-a-days, individuals keep their online presence up-to-date with open source programs and services from economic rate freelancers. We insist to write website with these three programming languages – XHTML-WML-WAP as opposed to using traditional components like Flash player, images generated from third party softwares and older than 5th version of HTML than for maximum coverage.

WAP 2.0 is resonant and highly endorsed as it is suitable for

  • Featured phones
  • Smart phones
  • Touch screen phones
  • Mobile like handheld devices
  • Even legitimate display on dumb phones

etc. for rendering same state user experience at par.

  1. One major difference between desktop and mobile environments is the increased location sensitivity. From 2008 to 2009, local searches grew by more than 50%. At that time, greater than 20.7 million users were reported to purchase products after finding from mobile browsers.

Currently we  should leverage HTML5’s  GPS data facility as  a pretty advanced feature with its <location> tag for versatile  implementation. In fact, 100 pages long study should be devoted to understand HTML5’s <location> tag to optimize its usage.

  1. Secure and free up users from typing on tablets with help of QR(Quick Response) codes in consumption. These are 2-D bar codes you may have seen in many places like on packages, manufacturing units etc.

They contain up to 4,296 characters within.

Advertisers can pack lengthy, complex text in banners by enclosing QR. When it is scanned or photographed, it launches a destination website with fields for contact address, city and your phone number filled and asks you to verify, proceed further or abandon the purchase. They are mostly used for sanity check or at after steps once order is processed. Japanese merchants have widely spread this technique throughout the country.

  1. Designers who want to exploit video marketing via websites , any one of following two choices are opted:

✓ Rely on prestigious online video-hosting platform like Vimeo or YouTube that has carefully built up transcoders and possess detection scripts for well serving videos to the users’ devices. Variety of settings are available to embed this kind of videos on your site that also shows up during browsing of YouTube or Vimeo site.

✓ Customize the video into formats appropriate for the most commonly used devices to route visitors to the appropriate version of the video on their Android, Windows or iphone machines.

A word about privacy in the technology oriented world

Mobile is a personal medium of reaching to customer individual.  Alike website, the mobile phone is a personal medium of communication by people. Mobile Web developers need to be aware of the tightrope they walk with their users’ privacy. While making efficient mobile web apps,  tailor them according to user’s preferences — like consideration of time of day, place, situation, behaviour of search, context of keywords etc.,  otherwise you shall meet legal implications resulted from personal data breaches. Safeguard essential information or destroy it when you discover information is no longer of use. If you can run fluid mobile web presence that is magnificent, impeccable in its deliverables, you unflinchingly get exhaustive response and quickest buzz for your professional level offerings that was never possible before with any traditional or even full fledged web existence. We see this from a number of projects like Evernote, Flashlight apps, CandyCrush and many others whose team enjoy long term passive income simply from ads displyed during application launch or when it is running.

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