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It wasn’t long ago that we witnessed the mobile/smartphones and internet impacting and revolutionizing the marketing landscape of a business. With an ever-increasing penetration of internet, and the resultant growth in digital marketing, businesses have realized video content/marketing is a massive untapped treasure/opportunity and working on it could boost the business 2x times.


The Forbes magazine calls the year 2018 as the year of video marketing. Having its importance to that extent, let us help you delve a little deeper into the growth of the video marketing and let stats help you gauge its importance:

  1. Video marketing makes up to 64% of all the internet traffic.
  2. The video marketing is forecasted to grow to 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.
  3. With a proliferation of smartphones, the spending on video advertising is going to poise around $14.38 billion.


Why this rapid growth in video marketing?

The rapid and sudden growth of video in the marketing can be attributed to its effectiveness. A video is a powerful medium to tell a message more effectively than a 500/1000 worded article/write-up could do.


Moreover, a viewer is better able to remember and recollect the information or the message through a video than through an article. Also, the advertiser gets a chance to be more creative in sharing their message through the video and thereby they stand a chance to have a better recall capacity among consumers. The consumers are quickly able to recall/recollect the information shared or the brand through the video rather than revisiting the website or an article.


As per the research by the Local Search Association, titled – Online Video’s Next Frontier, the online video marketing would double by 2018. The research paper cited data, in which it surveyed 2000 consumers, and found that 44% of the buyers searching for a local product/service, watched its online video/ad, 53% of viewers contacted the business, 51% visited the advertiser’s website, and 71% ended up purchasing.


This had led advertisers to tap the massive opportunity that video marketing brings and now they have understood the power of creating short, meaningful and attractive videos. However,  video making is only half the task done. As an advertiser, you will want that your video is watched and high chances of its recognition and viewability come with its presence on the first page of the search engine. It is for this reason you want your videos to have an SEO content or is guided by SEO strategy to help it rank on the first page of search engines. This is necessary because the best video is not best until its recognized as best by the viewers and for its recognition, it has to be found easily and quickly by the viewers.


Here are SEO tips to boost your video content:


  • Find top-rated video topics. You could do this by simply repurposing your top articles/blog post content to video contents, the other way is to see what kind of topics your competitors are posting, and, you could choose along those lines and the third way is to search on YouTube, which will give you the most relevant topics based on your ideas.
    Make sure viewers watch your video and find it engaging. For this, choose an intriguing title, description, headline. Make sure they are SEO integrated. Use bold colors in your video thumbnail. Make it a point to have an interesting start to your video to keep your viewers hooked.  At the end of the video, ask the viewers to comment like, and subscribe to it. This will make it more engaging.
  • Make sure you use relevant keywords. These keywords should be on your video’s upload filename, title, and description.


  • Make sure to maximize your video tags for your video to make it to Suggested Video, where you can get most of the traffic for your video.


  • Post publishing, ensure to multiply its reach by correct promotion strategies. Ensure you mail the video link to your contact list, post it on social media accounts/pages of the business, embed it in your blog or through paid traffic.


Optimization of the video on YouTube is fairly easy than optimizing content on Google or any any search engine for that matter. Follow these tips to ensure an enhanced video ranking of your product/brand.

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