Advantages of CakePHP Web Development

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Are you craving to achieve new level of success ? Are you contemplating that you want to fabricate better, more dynamic and more interactive mobile friendly large scale web applications ? Hanker no further. Lay your foundation on world class, extension rich PHP framework, CakePHP.  Being an open source 100% free structure, it helps you to achieve efficiency and mileage in a comprehensive manner. PHP core is very popular platform for generating world class websites with macintosh user experience, and CakePHP fillips this experience with more ease.

By deploying CakePHP as code of website, companies daily build robust and efficacious websites simply by following coding procedures.  Amongst all PHP frameworks, CakePHP is distinguished  due to its immense functionalities that come by default. A team of expert PHP programmers constantly evolve the framework in its first source.

Let us take a brief tour of its elite features.

  1. The MVC architecture

CakePHP is derived on Model-View-Control model that separates the business logic from the data presentation(UI/UX) layer.

  1. Clean URLs and Routes

You are given 100% freedom to manipulate URLs. Name as you wish to optimize SEO. By default they are built in this format:

/method/parameter/add your page wise keyword

  1. Elegant caching

Physical memory requirements for web applications are increasing these days probably because of high pixel graphics and accumulated videos buffering.

CakePHP integrates well with top six different caching engines, specially

  • Memcached
  • FileCache
  • Redis

and others.

You can change settings related to caching any time without remembering options names, as they have the guided interfaces with suggestions.

If you want something really special, you can add your own caching system.

  1. Built-in Validation

Validating input data for forms, text fields, radio buttons etc. is essential. Validation ensures that a software operates on clean, correct, and meaningful data.

Data testing is important from security viewpoint.

If it is NOT within certain range, or in the right format, and multiple attempts including codelines are found from same ipaddress means someone has malicious intention to break the system via SQL injection.

Models generated by CakePHP have validation rules, and they serve good starting point. We don’t need to think for initiation of module like where to put the file.

  1. MIT Licensing

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) License is a GPL matching,  free software license.

It jovially permits reuse of the codebase within proprietary and free softwares also.

Therefore, you can inject part or full codebase of CakePHP into frameworks of other programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, jQuery without any hesitation.

  1. Quick Installation

Actually, within ten  lines of code, you can complete entire procedure of downloading and installing CakePHP.

Thus, installation is a task of seconds.

Costly hardware resources are not prescribed from CakePHP side.

Though if you are implementing enterprise multi-site application, you may have to spend coins for other components like database clustering, real time backup server etc.

  1. Automatic Code Generation

CakePHP possesses a powerful built-in console shell called bake.

By its support, CakePHP  generates a basic model, controller, and view files.

Bake is one of the exceptional tools for rapid development.

Bake can relieve you by providing elegant intellisense including

  • Detecting your database tables and fields
  • Generates code for schema—always a good start.
  1. Integrated Unit Testing

For web development veterans and software testers, the most useful aspect of CakePHP is that it bestows integrated unit testing system.

From inside, it also leverages PHPUnit and gives us a few really useful classes and methods for strategic testing.

  1. Inherent and adjusted localization

International businesses have to account for these two factors.

Localization and internationalization can prove a nightmare or may come out really simple if vendor or creator of software has already exercised on it since the inception. CakePHP provides a good way to implement both without austere efforts.

CakePHP development is  ACTIVE in status.

Few communities of CakePHP give exaggerated support when you are stuck of complex, depth problems.

Tens of hundreds of questions are tagged on top technology forums of high DA, PA and Alexa rank.

This means you can read steps, copy code of required functionality and paste at desired location on website resided on web host for common tasks. If you have habit of taking disciplined backups, you can do this on your own without being developer.

To get news regarding CakePHP, you can also subscribe to  official mailing group.

CakePHP is beloved PHP framework of a horde of web developers for years now, frequently use it to make web applications simpler, faster, and easier and we wish you success for upcoming projects.

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