5 Excellent Magento Extensions for Improving Your E-Commerce Businesses

Magento is one of the most sought-after e-commerce platforms, that is used by wide range of business across the world to develop highly functional e-commerce stores. The best part of using Magneto is that it’s an open source platform- which means its source code can be used or modified by the developers or users for that matter according to their requirements. Another important feature of this e-commerce platform is that it can be used for free, that means, you don’t have to pay a penny while using it.
Rather than using a premium platform to design a perfect online store to sell your products and services, it’s better to save money by using an open source platform like Magento. The best part of using this platform is that it’s tremendously user-friendly, and hence you can easily make concrete changes to your site without investing much time.
It’s built-in advanced modules make it easier for users to manage their online store. And it’s unique and useful features help in providing excellent user experience. In addition to that, they provide enormous help when it comes to carrying out marketing activities apart from looking after the day-to-day issues with the store.
So, if you are planning to start your own e-commerce business, you can get in touch with a renowned Magento Website Designing and Development Services company to create a perfect online Magento store.
However, if you are not that happy with the existing features of your Magneto store and want to take its functionality to a next level, you can use the following extensions.

Price Slider – Users Can Check Products in Particular Price Rage

If you are looking forward to using a Magento extension which can help users in finding the product of their choice and in their budget range, look no further than Price Slider. It’s an extension that is developed by a software development company called Daffodil, and it gives an excellent opportunity to the customers to find the products that fall within their budget range. Price slider is a great tool for searching the products of your choice in an e-commerce store. As a customer, you can easily filter the products according to their price and then order the one that matches your requirement in the best way possible.

When it comes to using the price filter on the required product catalog, all you have to do is either move the slider to the left side or to the right side. In addition to that, integrating this extension to your website is not that difficult, as you can do that easily with the help of the readme file.

When it comes to selecting the products of their choice, customers will have to make use of “From” and “To” fields, and once they fill the required information in them, products that fall within the range mentioned by them will be displayed in front of them.

B2BMage – Convert Your Magento Store into a B2B Platform

Businesses who want to transform their magneto store into a B2B platform can easily achieve their goals by using a Magento extension called B2BMage. It’s a very high-performing extension that is developed by InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. It’s loaded with amazing features which will take the functionality of your store to an entirely new level.

If you want to offer a unique buying experience to your customers, you must use this extension. Some of the important advantages of using it include, customer centric catalog and customer centric discounts on various products.  Besides that, customers can also be benefited from getting contact person as well as sales accounts.

Checkout Suite – It Simplifies Checkout Process

Sometimes the checkout process can prove to be really tiring for customers, and because of that most of them don’t feel like visiting your site again. However, if you want to make the checkout process a really simple task, you can easily do that with the assistance of an extension called Checkout Suite. It offers a kind of facility to the customers, due to which they can easily obtain all the crucial information needed by them immediately. It helps in offering a truly one-step checkout process to the customers, which help in enhancing their online shopping experience.

Social Connect – Enrich Your Store’s Login Page with Social Media Icons

Allowing the customers to log in to your store with their social media accounts can prove to be highly useful for the growth and developed of your business. You can use a Magento extension called the Social Connect for this purpose. When you use this extension, social media icons are displayed in your store’s login page which makes it really comfortable for users to log in to your website through their social media accounts like Facebook.

The most important advantages of using this extension are that it makes registration as well as checkout process highly simple.

Shop by Brand – Make Shopping Easier for Your Customers

If you have an online e-commerce store, wherein you sell products manufactured by different brands, it’s better to use an extension, which can make it easier for customers to filter the products according to their favorite brand. With its support, you can arrange the products belonging to specific brands in separate pages. In other words, you can create individual pages for each brand, which eventually help in organizing your store in a better way.

Apart from above-mentioned extensions, you can also use extensions like Related Products Manager, Sweet Tooth, and MageMonkey etc., to further improve the functionality of your store.

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