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REST API with WordPress Core

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” “RESTful web services are getting ready for enterprises” “73% of the APIs are RESTful.” So in usage terms, REST simply wins against SOAP for programmable web. However, in this text , we are going to understand REST API usage in the context of WordPress. Target Audience […]

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MySQL database performance improvement tips : Part 2

We will continue our discussion from where we had left in part 1. If you haven’t looked into previous article,  you can navigate to and go through first two tips served in that discussion at this URL: query parameters Presented below is more discovery on remaining  optimization techniques to take your website or mobile application […]

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Redefine Your Business in 2017

With increased mobilization or use of mobile like devices such as tablets and smartphones, the concept of mobile commerce (mCommerce) has also obtained prominence. With other sweeping changes in technologies, it is equally changing the way business solutions are delivered. And this is a revolutionary transformation,  you have to keep updated to manage your own […]

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Points to remember before initiating website re-design

To increase the traffic on your web identity i.e. website, you need to start off with answering of exact queries of consumers quickly. As my personal opinion, I fully agree with the strategy of applying more transparency than my competitors. When you’re standard, authentic, honest and skilled professional, put break out tasks like what for […]

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Incorporate Yahoo Aabaco eCommerce for Online Success

“Total monthly visitors of Yahoo website are reached more than 1,00,00,00,000” “280 million users of Yahoo mail exists.”  “Websites should look good from the inside and out.” Virtual world derived by software and web is in more and more expansion these days. Alike previous centuries, technology inventions are undergoing for purposes of transforming trading and […]

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